What Sets TerraVista Apart From Other Retreats?

While working with trauma over many years, it became increasingly evident that to me that trauma severely impacts the mind, body, and spirit. Trauma resolution must include addressing all three. Intensives and group therapy only addressed the mind and fell short of the work I wanted to provide. Yoga, breathwork and meditation were added to the group work a few years ago to address the body and spiritual needs. It wasn’t until we added an integrative medicine doctor that we completed the goal of fully addressing trauma.

Dr. Heward begins the process by providing a full integrative medicine workup that explores with the client, the impact of the trauma from a bio, psycho, social perspective. He works to begin to help you understand the impact of the trauma on the body and your health and give you support to begin to make changes before the retreat begins.

Although this is a workshop in a retreat setting, the thoroughness of the intake and the option of continued care with an integrative medicine doctor sets us apart from other trauma workshops. We understand that comprehensive trauma work needs to include a full continuum.

In addition to your visit with Dr. Heward, your time at TerraVista will help you understand your story and how your childhood experience shaped you into who you are today and how you view the world. Your behaviors and interactions are a result of your upbringing, the messages you received and how you interpreted and played out your beliefs about yourself and others. These dynamics are explored, and we help you to make sense of yourself and how the past is tied to the present. Often, beliefs and values need to be updated as our world changes from where we came to what we create. Healing, through experiential modalities, helps address past hurt and pain. Yoga, breathwork and meditation provide tools to continue to create space and comfort with ongoing practice after leaving TerraVista. Attendees are taught how to self-regulate and provide themselves with self-leadership to continue with health and healing moving forward.