Intensives provide focused, uninterrupted therapeutic blocks of time to concentrate on therapeutic goals and healing without the constraints of a typical therapy session. Intensives last one to three days, six to eight hours daily with nightly homework.

Intensives are designed to help individuals or couples who are in crisis, as well as those who want to break through barriers that keep them stuck in old problems and patterns. It provides a blueprint for those who feel they need a jump start on traditional therapy. Intensives are designed to identify the problem, explore the core, and provide therapy and experiential experiences to heal and change lives.


Traditional therapy provides direction, guidance and growth. The usual fifty-minute session allows for about thirty minutes of therapy since the beginning and ending of each session takes time. This means that working through trauma or any issues can be a very slow process.

When a person is in crisis or wants more intense therapy than just one or two sessions per week, an Intensive is a great alternative. Intensives provide uninterrupted therapy that allows for greater, more expansive exploration and healing. Intensives combine talk therapy with experiential activities that include art therapy, guided imagery, recurrent theme exploration through timelines and other modalities, parts work, and somatic experiencing to name a few. The concentration of time, along with diverse therapeutic interventions, provides a more comprehensive healing experience.

Clients schedule an Intensive by deciding on the goals of therapy with Terra and then planning the amount of time needed to address the objectives of therapy. To inquire about or schedule an Intensive, please click here to contact Terra.

NOTE: Terra is not scheduling individual or couple’s intensives at this time.