TerraVista Services
At TerraVista, we believe that healing from emotional dysregulation and trauma requires more than just talk therapy. We believe that the mind, body, and spirit are all affected when psychological pain and trauma are experienced. Therefore, we focus on a holistic approach as we work to understand and heal. Because of this strong belief, we have brought together a team of experts from many disciplines including integrative medicine, addiction treatment, and trauma, as well as trauma certified yoga and breathwork specialists. This team of qualified professionals are passionate about working to heal the pain and suffering experienced by many. Their love of the work and dedication to healing is evident in the environment at TerraVista Retreat.


The purpose of TerraVista is to provide a sacred space to explore and heal the root causes of emotional pain and suffering. We do this by using various modalities and therapies in a group setting, as we provide support and safety for participants. It is through this work that we find relief from debilitating problems. We teach strategies and tools to improve the quality of life for those who are searching for resolution and permanent change.

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