Health and Healing Workshop

Offering 5-day Men’s, Women’s, Specialty and Couples - $3,500

This 5-day workshop explores the questions: “Why do I feel the way I do?” and “How do I begin to make changes?”. Many people cannot pinpoint what exactly they want to work on or what changes they want to make in their lives; they just know they want to feel better. Other people are very familiar with the changes they want to make and seek a supportive environment to understand how that can happen.

The Health and Healing workshop unravels the story of you and provides the space and time to identify patterns and behaviors that have become problematic. This may be the lack of coping strategies, relationship instability, feelings of intense fear, hopelessness or helplessness, somatic symptoms, as well as other discomfort you may experience. The Health and Healing workshop will make sense of your feelings and behaviors by tracing the cause back to their roots and you will work towards healing through modalities that bring understanding and relief for long term resolution. We will also address the mind-body connection as an important part of the healing.

Emotional Pain and Trauma Resolution Workshop


The 5-day Emotional Pain and Trauma Resolution workshop builds on strategies that have been previously taught, while continuing to explore the impact of pain and trauma over a lifetime. This workshop identifies the impact of trauma and addresses how trauma changes the mind and the body. By using experiential approaches, we can circumvent the protective layering while providing safety for exploration and healing.

The Health and Healing workshop or an individual intensive must be completed before attending this workshop.

Couple's Retreat


This 5-day workshop is designed to help couples understand how their individual journey - their upbringing and beliefs about the world - greatly impact the way they act and react in relationships. We will explore how coping mechanisms that were formed long ago may not be useful and begin to update beliefs to change interactions. Some of the topics addressed in this workshop include communication, understanding partner selection, identifying shared values and relationship renewal.

This workshop is facilitated by Jeff and Terra Holbrook.

First Responders Retreat


ACT training provides the framework for this retreat. We will also focus on mediation and breathwork to calm the body and brain and learn skills and techniques to deal with the trauma that is common in emergency work. The retreat is for first responders or public safety workers who feel the effects of job stressors including anger, depression, sadness, or reoccurring images that feel debilitating. By working in a group setting, attendees are able to connect with others in a shared experience that is essential for healing.

This workshop is facilitated by Jessica Marley, LCSW.