About Dr. Tayson Heward
Dr. Tayson Heward ND LAc is a licensed primary care physician, naturopathic doctor and practitioner of Chinese medicine who recently has been added to the team at TerraVista Retreat Center. He has spent his career specializing in multiple medical fields to offer an integrative approach in client's primary care, allowing clients to have multiple treatment options for ailments that span both modern and ancient medical knowledge. He has spent his career specializing in how our mental health plays a key role in the development of physical diseases, and the effects of trauma on the body. He offers a whole person approach to his care and understands that chronic ailments typically involve many different systems of the body.

Dr. Tayson Heward, ND LAc


Every client under his care receives an individualized treatment plan that is specifically tailored to work best for them. Dr. Heward is a firm believer that clients should be in control of their healthcare and believes a doctor’s role is to act as a guide or teacher along this process. He has learned throughout his career that different treatments often work better for different clients, even if they have the same disease. This allows clients to always have the type of medicine they feel most confident with. His expertise spans from working with acute conditions, chronic disease, mental health, chronic pain, and trauma.

Dr. Heward’s practice uses an integrative approach at each visit. In a single appointment, a client could expect to receive a modern medical workup and treatments that span between western pharmacology, to ancient healing modalities such as acupuncture or herbal medicine. He always discusses multiple treatment options with his clients and allows them to be a part of the process of choosing the right treatment for them. He also has expertise in working with client’s nutrition in order to treat numerous conditions, as he believes this a fundamental form of medicine. Dr Heward works closely with our counseling team to offer state of the art trauma treatment.

  • Primary Care / Family Medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Trauma
  • Pain Management
  • Addiction / Drug Detoxification
  • Nutritional therapies
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Physical Medicine
  • Preventative Medicine
  • Wellness Care / Lifestyle change