2023 Summer and Fall Retreats Now Open!

Summer and fall are great times to travel and begin or continue the healing process. TerraVista Retreat has various Health and Healing Workshops during the summer and fall; as of now there is a Men’s and Women’s Health and Healing 5-day workshop scheduled each month through September 2023. This retreat a great way to refill your cup and rejuvenate during some of the busiest months of the year. Just outside of Boise, Idaho, the retreat center provides calm and serenity, a place to heal. For a full list of Men’s, Women’s and Couple’s Retreats, check out our upcoming events page.

The 5-day Health and Healing workshop explores the questions: “Why do I feel the way I do?” and “How do I begin to make changes?”. Many people cannot pinpoint what exactly they want to work on or what changes they want to make in their lives; they just know they want to feel better. Other people are very familiar with the changes they want to make and seek a supportive environment to understand how that can happen.

The Health and Healing workshop unravels the story of you and provides the space and time to identify patterns and behaviors that have become problematic. This may be the lack of coping strategies, relationship instability, feelings of intense fear, hopelessness or helplessness, somatic symptoms, as well as other discomfort you may experience. The Health and Healing workshop will make sense of your feelings and behaviors by tracing the cause back to their roots and you will work towards healing through modalities that bring understanding and relief for long term resolution. We will also address the mind body connection as an important part of the healing.

The workshop is $3,500 for the 5 days, which includes lodging at the retreat center and all of your meals. Contact Lisa at 208-515-6013 or lisa@terraholbrook.com to register today!