Introducing New Medicine Branch

TerraVista Retreat Center is happy to announce we are adding a whole new branch of treatment into our program, with the addition of Integrative Medicine appointments via Dr Tayson Heward. We are now bringing a new offering to our intensives and a full integrative medicine branch to our program. This starts with adding Dr Heward to our team and offering an integrative medicine assessment as apart of all of our intensives, at no extra cost to our patients.

At the Integrative Medical assessment, clients will be receiving full wrap around care for their needs surrounding the trauma work they are doing with their counseling team. Every clients will receive a multidisciplinary and individualized treatment plan that is specifically tailored to them. This could involve many of the specialties Dr Heward works in including; conventional medical workup, care coordination, nutrition, vitamin and nutrient therapies, natural mental health treatments, Chinese medicine and more. Adding Dr Heward to the team opens up many options for our patients to further deepen the work they are doing and improves our ability to help patients in a more holistic approach. He is offering virtual appointments that will be scheduled prior to your intensive. After your intensive is complete you will be able to follow-up with Dr Heward for virtual appointments if further support is needed or interested in additional work with our team.

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