Special Zoom Intensives

In this unprecedented time of uncertainty and turmoil, it is a good time to take a breath and pay attention to our individual needs. Staying healthy, both physically and emotionally are important as we move through this crisis. Many have questioned their response to the changes that are taking place and wondering how they will get through. Having support through this time is essential.

Because of those who have reached out, I have seen a need to temporarily redesign the way that I am doing Intensives and help those that are struggling to understand themselves and provide the support that many are seeking at this time. Because of this, I am offering One Day Intensives at a reduced rate through Zoom. These are intended for anyone who may be triggered by the current events and/or are seeking an understanding of emotions or reactions that are causing distress or anxiety. The intensives will not only find ways to calm and cope, but will address the thread between past overwhelm and trauma and move from mal-adaptive strategies to new ways of thinking and behaving.

The sessions will be approximately 6.5 hours. We will begin in the morning with a break for lunch. Then continue through the afternoon. The cost is $800.00.

If you have questions or are ready to book your Intensive, please call Terra at 208-520-5695 or send her a message on our Contact page.