Living With Intention

Living intentionally brings purpose and meaning. It is a commitment to be fully engaged in the abundance and richness in life. Living intentionally takes us from the back seat in this journey we call life and places us squarely in the front. Before we can live intentionally, we have to understand the value and meaning.

What living intentionally means

Living with intention means that we take in every moment and make every experience ours. We no longer wait for others to provide or to participate. It means that we intently seek what is important, and we take in the fullness those moments. We live with eyes wide open, and we jump in with both feet. We name our intention and gift it to the universe. Our actions match what we want to manifest in our lives, and we act accordingly.

When I began to live intentionally, I realized that I was waking up to a new way of living. For me, this meant becoming more aware of truly participating in everyday moments and allowing my authentic self to guide the journey. It was a spiritual change and a shift in priorities as well.

Here are three ways I began to live intentionally

1) Connection with God

I had always felt the guidance of a loving protector in my life who I call God, but when I began to lead from intention, this became a companion. The constant dialogue with this ally helps me become clear about what I purposefully seek for myself every day. In this relationship, I feel seen and heard. I know that no matter what happens, I will not only cope but I will continue to feel peace and contentment. I can live unafraid and open to possibilities. This constant contact with God is the basis for living with intention.

2) Connection with self

I lived with constant chatter in my head for most of my life. I wasn’t conscious of it until I became aware of my authentic self that lives in me beneath all of the clutter and baggage that piled on through my life’s journey. Deep down in my soul resides the truest form of me. It is where I attach to God. It is from this place that the best of who I am dwells. When I slow down and become mindful of this amazing part of me, life takes on a whole new view. I feel the excitement of life and amazement in all things. But life isn’t always pleasant and terrible things happen. Even in the darkest of times, when I am present with this part of me, I can see beauty and meaning in all of life. It is in this place that tears cleanse and pain becomes the seeds of growth. My capacity for awareness expands, and in this state life becomes clear.

3) Connection to meaningful things

In this state of clarity, I feel the electricity of the soul. This powerful energy brought on by truly engaging in life allows me to see the small nuances that I otherwise miss. I slow down and take in gifts and opportunities that escape me in the busyness. It is the small things in life that make life worth living. When I think of holding a newborn, sitting next to a campfire or walking on the beach, time stands still. I get lost in the experience and for a period, the craziness of life is at bay. Living with intention draws these experiences into our lives. It gives each moment a voice. It opens us to the importance of these moments and provides nourishment for our soul.

I live on the coast in the beautiful northwest. The changing tide and the dynamic beach teaches me about life. I see the pull of the moon move the tide in and out, which changes the landscape of the beach daily. In the changes, I am reminded that nothing stays the same. Sand formations, huge logs and the oceans castoffs suddenly appear making it unrecognizable. But as I walk along the shore, with my eyes wide open, I find the familiar sand dollar or the forgotten sea glass. In these moments, I find beauty in the mystery of life, and I pull inward. I am reminded of God and the vastness of the world and I claim my intention which keeps me connected to its offerings.

What does living with intention mean to you? Set a timer for 10 minutes, close your eyes, and move inward. How long has it been since you spent time there? Are you familiar with this inner space? Begin to think about living with intention and in what ways it may be beneficial to your life. Then list three ways you can start to live with intention.